Do you suffer from this addiction?

About 80% of the protein in cow dairy products is Casein.  When Casein is digested by a Human, Casein breaks down into peptides and converts to Casomorphin.  Casomorphin is 5% the strength of Morphine.  Casomorphin uses the same opioid receptors as heroin uses in the body.

When a Human consumes cow dairy products, it is an opioid drug.  Most likely you will not feel the opioid effects after eating, unless you ingest large amounts of Casein.  The big problem with opioids though, is being in withdrawal.  If you consume cow dairy products on a regular basis and then go two to three days without it, the opioid withdrawal will effect your overall attitude and mood.

At BacktoHumanDNA.com, the message is about helping people understand and control their opioid addictions and temptations through education!  Dairy is both the calorie and the opioid, when you learn this knowledge truly is power!

Opioids & smells can influence your current and future behaviors, also the people around you (all the way up to a week after initial smell).  To eat natural foods (indigenous to Human plant foods), and drink natural water (spring water) for 30 days.  You need to be very disciplined.  It’s almost a feeling of constantly having to swim upstream, or that you are on a different path than others.

If you have not watched “The Game Changers Documentary”  They make some great points on why dairy is not a good calorie option.  James Cameron, James Wilks, and their entire crew did a fantastic job.  James Cameron is best known for the movies Avatar and Titanic.

Exercise is also very important for good physical & mental health.  Exercise through sports like table tennis, will give you a brain & cardio workout both!  When combining quality diet and quality exercise, the feeling does tend to speak for itself!

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